The decision to dissolve my Christian coaching practice in 2017 was made with mixed feelings.  Though I knew it was time to focus on other priorities, helping people find direction in their lives is something I would miss.

Some of the circumstances that pulled me away from coaching have resolved, meaning I now have time to take on a few clients.  However, because of the limited number of appointments, I only agree to work with people who are clearly ready for coaching.  “Ready” is defined by answering a resounding “yes” to these three questions:

  • Do you have a specific reason for wanting to be coached?
  • Are you willing to seriously consider the feedback you will get from your coach?
  • Will you commit to doing things differently in order to reach your goal?

If you said “yes” to all the questions above, you are ready!  Fill out the form below.  Then we will set a time to visit and you can decide if we are a good match before moving forward.

The Process

  1. Complete the initial contact form above.
  2. Schedule a 15-minute converstation to see if coaching is the right way to approach your goal.
  3. If yes, complete the coaching agreement and client information forms and forward them to me.
  4. Schedule your first session.
  5. Make payment.
  6. Start coaching!

Download and Submit Forms


(includes details regarding session length and fees)

PLEASE NOTE: The specialized Personal Peace Planner program is a total of eight sessions and costs an additional $200.


(completion of this form helps me help you better)

Make Payment

Payments are made via Venmo @Debbie-Stankovich.  Download Venmo from here: