Faith Comes by Hearing: Romans 10:17

“So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.”

Romans 10:17 NLT

We will always remember Easter 2020.

Easter baskets were delivered by drive-by bunnies.  Families gathered via Facetime, Houseparty, or Zoom instead of around dining tables. Christians worshiped from their homes while pastors live streamed from empty church buildings or even their own homes.

Many of us took to social media to communicate these worship opportunities with our friends.  We shared our love for Jesus and especially our joy that He had risen, hoping to catch the attention of people who are not yet believers.

But late last night, one of my friends posted something on her page that caught my attention.  She wrote:

“Christ is here, He is with us.  If you don’t understand all these Easter and Jesus posts, let’s talk! I’d LOVE to tell you about the meaning of this day and the reason for our celebration even now.”

Without context or deeper conversation, the resurrection of the body of Christ sounds more like a fairy tale than the Good News!  Aleana’s Facebook message acknowledged that, so she invited people to learn more about the Jesus she loves and in whom she puts her trust – even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. 

The resurrection is core and central to the Christian faith, and it certainly cannot be reduced to fit on a meme. As we pray the Holy Spirit will lead others to know the Jesus we do, we need to also pray that He will equip us with the words needed when given the opportunity to share.

Yes, faith comes from hearing the Good News about Christ. 

Are you prepared to give your faith a voice?

Be blessed,

One thought on “Faith Comes by Hearing: Romans 10:17

  1. I hope she received a lot of calls. I do not see how to explain to an unbeliever in a few minutes, though, but you can set them on the right course. If they ask, they have a need. The soul understands without proof but for others I would recommend Lee Strobel’s “The Case for Easter”.


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